How Do You SX?

Do you Badge? Wristband? Commando ( Hang Free)?

Do you Plan? RSVP? Organize? Subscribe? Agonize?

I have to admit I am more an agonizing commando type. I have a few printouts of band schedules for several locations and I know in general where I’ll be, but right now I am just in terror that I am going to miss THE BAND! But knowing I will hear amazing music from  someone I have never heard of.

So while I would have loved to have had an Interactive badge ( two words Bill Nye), there is no way I’ll ever buy a Music badge.

1) I am a morning person

2) there is just too much awesome free music to even considering dropping a wad for no reason.

So I will be rising before the break of dawn to get in line at the W Hotel for KGSR’s morning shows, then Whole Foods to get some grub and then Waterloo ( since their stages start at noon, and I am really hoping they have the chargings stations again this year). KUTX also has great morning music but for my plans the W Hotel just works better location wise. ( I’ll park on SoCo and be able to drive home when I’m done for the day – no parking fees)

After Waterloo it gets hard – My plan is to stay south – Homeslice, St Vincent de Paul, El Mercado, Hotel San Jose and Gueros all have amazing music line-ups.

There are tons of day parties ( almost none require a badge or wristband, though some do need an rsvp) downtown, north, east and pretty much all over Austin. For free food and booze – stick to 6th St area, have kids try the Thinkery or Symphony Square.  Spider House up north is also having plenty of live music, as well as Cherrywood Coffeehouse, and most bars east of I-35.

On top of Music, there is a Game of Thrones exhibit, Yellow Submarine and Disney exhibits.  Flatstock, Gaming Expo, Eco Light Garden, Music Gear Expo are also free during SXSW.

So how do you SX?

I’ll be running between South Congress venues, stuffing my face with Homeslice Pizza, Torchy’s Tacos, Fat Cactus fry bread, Mellizoz tacos, Gourdough’s donuts and anything and everything else from the amazing local food trucks. Listening to awesome music and meeting amazing people.



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  2. Holy cow. What was I thinking not applying to be your shadow!! I could’ve held your jacket for you or handed you napkins on an as needed basis!! Maybe in 2015! Sounds like you had the perfect plan.!!

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