Volunteer Opportunities: HAAM Benefit Day

Whole Foods Market presents the Eighth annual HAAM Benefit Day on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. HAAM Benefit Day is a day to celebrate Austin and the musicians that make us the “Live Music Capital of the World.” On HAAM Benefit Day businesses, large and small, agree to make a cash donation or give 5% of the day’s proceeds to HAAM. Musicians, most of whom are HAAM members, play throughout the city making this event a true celebration of musicians’ health. HAAM Benefit Day volunteers help staff every location where there is a live music performance. They introduce the band, explain the day to the general public, and help collect donations.

HAAM uses more than 200 volunteers on HAAM Benefit Day alone! We hope you’ll sign up and spend all or part of your day with us. Check out this great video to get a feel for what the day is like!

Here’s how to sign up: Sign Up Link

1) Choose ONE of the two orientation sessions and register for it now. Attending one orientation session is required.Clicking “Sign Up” will walk you through the registration process. If you have already registered, please click “Sign In” below to access your account.

2) Then, please CHOOSE YOUR SHIFT(S). You may sign up for one shift or multiple! Once you finish signing up for a shift, it will bring you back to the main events page. Choose your second shift and keep going.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Brandi Kinslow in the HAAM office at bkinslow@myhaam.org or at 512-324-9999×15920.


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